Initial assessment or evaluation could result to one or more of the following things:


  • Determine appropriateness for Outpatient counseling.
  • Determine the level of care and or appropriate level of care.
  • Guide with referral to services deemed more appropriate.
  • Initial assessment is required for behavioral Health Intervention Services (BHIS).
  • New Insights providers will begin to make arrangements to provide services or make referral for services as soon as initial assessment is complete.
  • Individuals and families can also choose to get assessment completed at our wellness center and receive BHIS services with a provider of their choice.


NOTE: Considerable flexibility is offered in completion of Assessments to clients and their families who
are in need of therapy/counseling or BHIS services. 


The specific hours provided by: Assessments Team will be guided foremost by consideration of the needs of the client and family. 


Funding for BHIS services are provided through Medicaid